cinema royal :antwerpen/antwerp


I somehow love and hate this city. It's great touristic city with alot of shopping facilities. Cinema Royal is right next at the Zoo and the Antwerp Central station. So very close and easy to find.

during my stay: friday 20-23

main room:
I entered the cinema and paid my fee. You come in and alot of stairs are awaiting you. The walls are painted in dark grey and have stains and spots everywhere. It looks dirty, but what else do you want from a sexcinema?

I entered the first room it was quite darkened and I guess there are around 200 places in there to sit, divided up into two floors. It is an old cinema, and they were playing random american hetero porn. The screen is huge but the sound and volume is quite silent. I sat there for randomly twenty minutes and I was the youngest in the crowd. Two to three bums or homeless people were sleeping in there.

And one guy with a huge bag came walking around jerking himself off. I was pretty bored here, and didn't feel quite comfortable. Actually I pretty much got bored fast. So I found to exits at each corner of the cinema room. In the back downbelow there are two exits on the right and the left. I took the left one and both lead to some toilet rooms which seemed to get cleaned often and look okay.

gay room:
Next to the toilet rooms there are more stairs down, that are located towards the front of the building leading it two floors down. I got down the stairs and came into a gay cinema. There were around fourteen older men silently watching gay porn. Older men were circling around, and I could see a doorway next to the big screen which leaded to what I thought were more toilets. I could see men come in and out. After most of them got out, I decided to go in.

I found three cabins all connected with eachother through gloryholes. All men in here were however men looking for homosexual adventures. There were facilities to wash your hands and dry them. Gloryholes you can find at the cine Royal in Anywerp.

- fee : 7.50 eur
- main entry hall / toilets
- no candy machine / no coke machine
- no condom automat / no paper to clean hands and stuff. bring it yourself.
- only paper and water to clean your hans at the gloryholes
- no private cabins

I'll probaly get to give it a visit again sometime when i visit Antwerp. I thought it was quite boring, and some sketchy homeless persons were taking shelter in there. More action in the gay room where everyone was silently observing eachother. Alot of men were circling in and around the gloryholes. So if you want action head for some gloryholes. If i ever get back into this one, it'd be out of curiousity.

Cinema Royal
Astridplein 1000

8 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

The last time it was a real gang bang in the room after tje svreen, i jad tje time of my mife, hopefully when i am returning back in june it is still there, one of my most existing experience in that cinema and the guys where not older than 20 and 40, i hope i can have it again when i am return, i fucked even a lady in the cinema for straight people :-)

Philippe zei

you just made me incredibly curious about this place,I surely feel like giving it some visit now.Got a couples of questions thaugh but silly me mailed them written in my very best deutsch to your id I saw here,sorry.I hope you'll understand it & give it a minute to answer me,would be very very apreciated.By the way,do you know le Paris in Brussels?Any other sex cinema in Antwerp you know?I can't find any info on such cinemas nowhere whatever the city so would be huge to talk about those with someone being intrested in such too,cheers mate

Anoniem zei

Cinema Royal.... Went there yesterday, a wednesday evening around 20.30. First thing i noticed when i went up the stairs was the smell. Like i was entering a public toilet with broken pipes.
Stains everywhere and i needed a paper towel to open the door when i looked at the doorhandle.
Really dirty everywhere.
I was the only client. When i left i noticed a second entrance for looking homosexual movies. I did not want to touch that door, even with a paper napkin.

Anoniem zei

hmm,that sounds delisciously pervert & hot as hell,piss smell & similar other dirty male scents & stains,you made it sound as a sex paradise mate

Anoniem zei

Hoe graag ik meer reakties en meer over sexcinema wil weten; ik meld me af want wat er hier geschreven en verstuurd wordt zijn geen reakties maar puur spam en andere valse dome links. Spijtig, had leuk kunnen zijn

Anoniem zei

Досуг интим Москва Питер 18+

Anoniem zei

Het is een fantastisch geile cinema ,heb eer heel geile momenten beleed voor heralling vaatbaar.

mk zei

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